Clinical Photograph of Blister Following Plaster Cast

Clinical Photograph of Blister Following Plaster Cast

Plaster application is a very common treatment of fractures and though it is very safe procedure, sometimes, the complications may be dreadful.

A tight cast can lead to many complications of plaster. Blisters are one of these complications which occur following the application of  a cast which is tight or an injury which leads to edema that results in tightening of cast. Blisters are formed due to fluid accumulations in the epidermal layer of the skin. This fluid cushions the tissue underneath, protecting it from further damage.

There are few injuries which are prone to blister formation. This is especially true for fractures of upper end tibia and metaphyseal fractures of lower tibia. The injuries which are associated with blister formation require  extra care to be taken.

Depending on the severity of injury and response of patient’s tissues to injury, the blisters can be localized or it might become very extensive.

Following is a photograph of blister formation in leg following a cast application. The patient presented with pain and burning sensation on the leg which was not responding to any measure and drug treatment. The patient had been treated  with the cast about 3 days back and his pain had worsened over time.

The plaster cast was bivalved and skin was found to have many a blisters. As fresh splintage could not be applied, the patient was put on the traction and blisters were allowed to heal under supervision.

This photograph of blister was taken in the healing stage of blisters. The fluid of the blisters has dried and there is blackish discoloration of the skin over the leg.


Photograph of blister

The picture in example is of leg of 18 years old boy. The fracture healed uneventfully and blisters also healed leaving no residual issue.

To avoid and minimize such issues, casts should be applied properly  and plaster care should be done.

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