Hand Injuries Xrays & Photographs

The picture shows xray of fracture of first and second metacarpal. The first metacarpal is broken at shaft anfd second metacarpal has got its head broken.

While fracture of the first metacarpalis oblique in type, head of second metacarpal is comminuted.

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  1. Matt says

    What treatment may be required for a fracture of the second metacarpal joint? Is it common that surgery may be necessary, or will there be a determination after the bones have fused? I am curios because I have the same type of fracture, to my second metacarpal! The orthopedist I am seeing has not yet ruled out surgery.

  2. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    It depends on configuration of your fracture. A displaced fracture may require surgery whereas undisplaced fractures mostly unite non operatively.

  3. Mohamed AlSamahy says

    i broke the base of my second metacarpal bone what are the complications. and what can i do to reduce the chance of having complications?

  4. Mohamed AlSamahy says

    a little bit….. i'm taking a painkiller and anti-inflammatory tablet called "Amorphous Aescin"–>Reparil 40…..
    the cast is only on the outer part of my hand (nails side) and wrapped with elastic sheet ( i dont know the medical name exactly)

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  5. bob samuel says

    hi, does this type of metacarpal fracture need pinning?

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  6. Mohamed AlSamahy says

    i need your opinion urgently,

    when i try to close my hand, my index finger doesn't touch my middle finger. did it heal wrong?? what can i do??

  7. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @bob samuel,

    Yes! That is a better choice as compared to non operative treatment as the fracture are oblique.

    My opinion is based on xray film only and you should discuss the treatment with your doctor, who is in better position to offer the best treatment that suits your needs and condition.

  8. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Mohamed AlSamahy,

    Would you elaborate. If you are continuing from our previous conversation, please include that in the comment.

  9. Mohamed AlSamahy says

    yes, i was talking about my case which was (base of 2nd metacarpal fracture)

    i appreciate your help.

  10. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Mohamed AlSamahy,

    I saw the xrays. It is not displaced much and should have good prognosis.

    Are you on physiotherapy?

  11. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Mohamed AlSamahy,

    I answered your previous query. Please let me know if there is anything else.

  12. Mohamed AlSamahy says

    no i'm not on physiotherapy. when do you recommend i should start?

    thank you for helping me :)

  13. Mohamed AlSamahy says

    regarding my case( base of 2nd metacarpal fracture), from time to time i feel itching sensations in my "Proximal phalange of 2nd finger" and when i try to scratch the bone itself not the joint i feel like there is some kind of depositions, which hurt when i scratch it, then it just disappear after 15-20 min. and when i try to touch the same bone i feel it became normal again with nothing on the bone and no pain.!!……

    p.s. i have no pain in the joints

    thanks again for your help…..

  14. Tyler says

    3 weeks ago I fractured my second medacarpal, from having my fingure bent back. Doc said cast to 4 weeks, will it be alright to get back into compitition shooting when the cast is off.


  15. Tyler says

    I got the cast off, just a few days ago. Right now I can almost make a fist, it still has alittle bit of bruising and swelling but its getting better and better. I'm hoping it wont interfere with Motocross racing and My IPSC Shooting these are my biggest worries since they both start very soon.


  16. Alyssia Winter says

    I have fractured 2nd metacarpal with swelling in thumb now 4 days after injury. Have split but wondering if pins are necessary…have xray if anyonwe can give opinion

  17. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Alyssia Winter,

    You can send the xray to contact [at] boneandspine [dot] com

  18. t hensby says

    son has xray of left hand

    there is a displaced bony avulsion fragment at the head of the left 2nd metacarpal along the medial border. There is adjacent spoft tissue swelling. There is slight bony cortical irregularity at the head of the 1st metacarpal.

    Is a splint enough in this case. He can move the fingers, selling is on the back of the hand. but no pain unless it is squeesed or knocked. thanks

  19. Matt G. says

    I fractured my second metacarpal in the right hand and i've been told that I should be operated, but also told not necessary. I would really rather not have surgery but Imust use my finger again properly. The head of the metacarpal is shattered. I've been scheduled for surgery for Monday. Any opinions? I will send the x-ray. Thanks!!

  20. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @t hensby,

    Please see a doctor. I cannot prescribe the treatment as it is not possible without physical interaction with patient.

  21. Matt G. says

    Status update: sugery with three screws and plate to unite pieces of head of second metacarpal. Very stiff fingers, especially index. Phys Ther insists at first visit it must be moved. Extreme pain! Somewhat concerned about difficulty with index and Phys Therapy recommendation. Hate to take pain med., but one PT session can leave you in a fowl mood for tge entire day.I saw the x rays but don't have copies. Roundnes at joit w/ finger achieved.

  22. Michael Handrin says

    I broke 5th metacarpal at base. I had to have surgery since it was displaced volar angulation. I had it set with closed reduction and pinning and I have had the cast off for 4 weeks now. The cast stayed on for 4 weeks prior and the pins came off when the cast came off. Doc saidd the fracture is healed but I want to know when the stiffness in palm and back of palm goes away. Also, the pinky is a bit stiff. Please help. Thanks!

  23. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Michael Handrin,

    It is a natural course in healing and should go away in 2-4 weeks of physiotherapy.

  24. israel says

    I have a question I broke the head of my secound metacarple n rite now its, bin a week an a day excat since I broke it I just went to get a fiberglass splint yesterday n I have a big party in two weeks exact on 25th n I dont want have a bulky cast on can I just wear the fiberglass splint in the meanwhile n then the day of the party take it off n the next day get a cast

  25. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    My answer is too delayed to address your concern. How are you now?