Lumbar Spondylosis

Lumbar spondylosis is a type of spondylosis that occurs in lumbar spine.  It describes bony overgrowths, also called (osteophytes), predominantly those at the anterior, lateral, and, less commonly, posterior aspects of the superior and inferior margins of vertebral bodies.

Likelihood of spondylosis increases with age and is considered an inevitable part of aging.

Lumbar spondylosis is the price of  upright posture we have.


Lumbar spondylosis appears to be a nonspecific aging phenomenon. As yet there has been found no relation to lifestyle, height, weight, body mass, physical activity, cigarette and alcohol consumption.

Obesity has been found to be a risk factor in some of populations.

Pathophysiology of Lumbar Spondylosis

When annular ligament is put to stress body responds by forming new bone i.e. osteophytes which results in lumbar spondylosis.

Presentation of Lumbar Spondylosis

Per se, lumbar spondylosis produces no symptoms. Osteophytes may lead to pressure on the surrounding structures which produce symptoms.

When back or sciatic pains are symptoms, lumbar spondylosis is usually an unrelated finding. Therefore other causes of back pain must be ruled out. These include spondyloarthropathies, spinal stenosis, fibromyalgia, postural problems, spondyloslisthesis, vertebral fracture, spondylitis or PIVD.

Spondylosis is often an  associated finding in patients of back pain and sciatica.

 Lab Investigations

No laboratory studies are required.


Mostly lumbar spondylosis is an incidental finding and radiographs, CT scans, and MRIs are used only in the event of complications.

Investigations need to be individualized.

Anteroposterior and Lateral Views of Lumbar Spine -The xray in the picture is of 36 years old lady who came with complaints of back pain. Her lateral view shows reduction in lordosis of lumbar spine or straightening of the spine.

Anteroposterior and Lateral Views of Lumbar -The xray in the picture is of 36 years old lady who came with complaints of back pain. Her lateral view shows reduction in lordosis of lumbar spine or straightening of the spine.

Treatment of Lumbar Spondylosis

Therapy is supportive and symptomatic and involves pain killers,  rest, physiotherapy and surgery [rarely] if required.

Medication is not indicated in the absence of complications.

Back pain that patient presents with is often an unrelated finding and presence of osteophytes does not indicate causation.

Sometimes, symptomatic nerve root impingement occurs which gets relieved by few days of rest. If it does not, surgical excision is indicated.


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  1. Sharath Pranesh says

    Hi Dr,

    I got the back pain, in my X ray report they have made a comment like Straightening of Lumbar Spine.. can you please explain wats the consequances and wat i need to do

  2. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Sharath Pranesh,

    Follow your doctors advice and when he permits you should start exercises for strengthening the back.

  3. Pratap poudel says

    Sir namaskar! I m 21 years engg student n i m getting continuous back pain from 8 months….. I have taken some medicines n done phys treatments n exercises also…but pain is increasing day by day…..recently .i have taken x-ray n they said it is early lumbar spondylosis n oesteocytes are deposited on l1-l5….it is creating much problems n hamperoing my studies …….so what would be better for me sir?? I m waiting your reply sir……

  4. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Pratap poudel,

    Lumbar spondylosis at 21 years of age is not common. Please get investigated.

    As for as your studies are concerned, please take the symptom relieving medicines and improve your posture

  5. says

    Thanks doctor…now i m maintaining my posture n doing exercises also….

    Now pain is mainly in right hip joint….what are the exercises for this????? Or can i go to gym also for the exercises of back pain????

  6. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Pratap poudel,

    You need to discuss with your treating doctor. He would be in better position to discuss the exercise regime.

    All the best.

  7. garima agarwal says

    Hello Dr.Arun,

    I am Garima agarwal. I am 27,married working women.I am having back pain since 7-8 years.

    It got worse and the pain started radiating in legs and arms too. On 5th dec.2010,it got more worse and

    i couldn't sleep for whole night. I consulted an orthopaedition and he prescribed me bed rest for

    7 days. and i got an x-ray done, that shows the straightning of the spine.

    Please suggest me ,whether i should start with the exercises now because orthopaedition has asked

    me to avoid the exercises for 2-3 weeks more.

    and can it be related to Pott's disease as dr.also asked me about fever and appetite

    waiting for your reply



  8. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @garima agarwal,

    Back pain has got various causes and also includes those you mentioned.

    When you visit a doctor, he would ask questions that would suggest or rule out a particular set of possibilities.

    Examination and investigations further guide the physician to reach at a diagnosis.

    Straightening of spine is an effect of the disease. It is not the cause in true sense.

    Backpain radiates to the limbs when there is a compression or involvement of neural structures which supply our limbs.

    Follow your doctor's advice. He is the best person at the moment to guide you about your problem.

    I can offer more knowledge on the subject if you would like to ask me but a physician who is taking care of you is the best informed to answer your specific questions.

    How are you BTW?

  9. K Smith says

    i am currently dealing with a client who has symptoms of spondylosis and her x-rays prove my diagnosis. She is a very stressed individual with a very bad lifestyle structure with regards to eatng and overall wellness. i have recommended a few processes which may alleviate some of the pain which she is experiencing currently and would like a medical opinion on these processes. . .i have recommended daily hyperextention stretching as well as piriformus stretching and compression exercises to assist in release of the hamstrings to alleviate lower lumbar and lower appendage pain. when testing flexibility my cliets ROM is impaired and this is predominantly due to hamstring shortening. when diagnosing for spondylosis please consider the stretching and improving of ROM in the Hamstrings as a possible way to alleviate some of the pain. i know this is not a cure but at least it might help.

  10. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @K Smith,

    Thanks for input.

    Hamstring stretch is frequently prescribed for backpains.

  11. says

    Lumber Spondilitis or spondylitis is a condition where there is an inflammation of lumber (lower vertebral) spine, popularly called as Back ache. These changes may be mild, moderate or severe leading to a range of severity of symptoms. There is not only inflammation of the vertebra but also some amount of fusing, which gives painful stiffness.Homeopathy treatment is targeted at relieving the inflammation and stiffness, making the life comfortable. Also, the underlying process leading to such chronic inflammation and the complications can be prevented as well.

  12. Brett Murty says

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  13. PRIYA says


    this priya Jain.

    i am having severe back pain which makes me handicap for various a days i feel very weak and find myself unable to do daily work.pain shoots up when i knead dough,roll rotis,stand or sit for long,climbing down stairs,….

    my family thinks that i have no pain and its all a drama as i don't want to work..

    i don't know what i am suffering from as some doctors say i have nothing, some say i have ankylosing spondilitis arthritis, some others name it as disc prob,some others say its due to degenerative vertebrae,some others say its a mental case……………….i am in a fix……can someone please help

    these are some of my details:-

    sacralisation of l5,

    anterior marginal osteophytes noted from l1 to l5,

    blood sugar fasting – 75 to 445,

    hydroxy vitamin d3 – 3.1,

    bp 90/60 to 120 /90

    tell me if any other detail/investigation report is required.

    pls help

  14. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    Only a doctor you can meet in person would be able to make a diagnosis.

    The xray report does show spondylotic changes also called degenerative changes.

    Disc cannot be visualized in xray.

  15. Biju says

    dear dr. My name is Biju. I am having severe back pain last couples of week. So I have taken x ray it says that "straightening of lumbar spine, likely due to muscle spasm. Narrowing of LS-S1 disc space" can you just tell is it serious or it is commonly showing..why it is coming….can just clear it for me please…help

  16. says

    I've back pain. It seems to me as kidney problem. Urine is gone out 10 minutes later on, if water is taken over 2 liter, after 2 hours. Already X-ray Report taken.

    They say-

    a. Nature of Exam:- X-Ray Lumbo-sacral spine B/V

    1. Straightening of lumbar spine is seen.

    2. No bony lesion is seen.

    3. Disc spaces are maintained.

    4. Interpedicular distances are normal.

    5. Both SI joints appear normal.


    Impression: Straightening of lumbar spine (may due to muscle spasm).

    b. Nature of Exam:- Plain KUB region.

    No radio opaque calculus or abnormal calcification is seen in KUB region.


    Impression: Normal findings

  17. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    Most of degenerative changes occur following over use /misuse/ abuse of the spine.

    drugs and physiotherapy should restore you to normalcy.

  18. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Ratan Das,

    You have beginning of lumbar spondylosis. Ho are you now?

  19. priya jain says

    hi doctor!!

    i 've consulted many doctors , 1 described as SSA

    another 3 said its ASA

    another 2 said its RA Factor

    another 2 says its mild pain

    another 2 said its combination of ASA and RA Factor

    another says its just vit. D defficiency !!!


    i am confused a lot………….pls advice what to do now

    bcoz some prescribes to include certain things while others restrict that………

    pls help

  20. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @priya jain,

    Please let me know what problems do you have? Let me know the investigations done so far in detail too.

  21. A L says

    Hello doctor.

    I live in Sant Nagar and would like an appointment with you. Could you let me know where your clinic is and when it would be convenient? Please let me know at my email ID. I have been suffering from lower-back pain these past three years and X-rays show I suffer from a straightening of the lumbar spine. I would therefore like to consult with you.

    Best Regards,


  22. priya jain says

    hi doctor!!

    as you said that "The xray report does show spondylotic changes also called degenerative changes. Disc cannot be visualized in xray." you may be right but this is it………….

    my X-RAY LS SPINE AP/ LAT VIEWS as on 17/08/2009 says that:

    Sacralisation of L5 vertebral body noted.

    Anterior marginal osteophytes noted from L1 – L5 vertebral bodies.

    Disc spaces are normal.

    Pedicles, laminae and spinous processes are normal

    Bone densty is normal.

    Soft tissues are normal.



    MRI OF DORSAL SPINE as on 27/05 06Shows

    The dorsal vertebral bodies and inter vertebral discs reveal normal signal intensity. Thee facet joints and the visualized pre and paravertebral soft tissues are unremarkable.

    The conus medullaris terminate at L1 level.

    Screening of lumbar spine shows STRAIGHTENING of lumbar spine, no other significant abnormality noted.


    The adjoining endplates at L5-S1level shows grade-II degenerative changes . similar altered signalintensity is also noted along the anterior aspects of the upper endplate of L1 and L2 vertebrae.remaining lumbar vertebral bodies appear normal in height,alignment and marrow signal intensity.

    At L4-L5 level an insignificant posterior bulge of the disc is seen, however the central spinal canal and neural canals appear spacious.

    Facet joints show degenerative changes bilaterally at all the levels.

    No abnormal pre or paraspinal soft tisuue signal intensity is seen.

    Conus and cauda equina roots display normal MR signal.

    MR myelography reveals spacious central canal.



    BONE DENSITY as on 17/08/2006 FINDINGS

    PERFUSION AND BLOOD POOL imaging shows unremarkable perfusion and blood pool activity in the Lumbo Sacral region.

    CORTICAL PHASE: Overall skeletal uptake of tracer is good with nominal soft tissue uptake.

    Focally increased tracer uptake seen in posterior calcaneum of both feet(? Achilis tendonitis)

    Tracer distribution i n the rest of the skeleton is within normal physiological limits.

    Both kidneys are well visualized.














    ESR 32 – 60

  23. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @A L,

    I a sorry for the delay in reply. Where is Sant Nagar? I am currently practicing in Punjab.

  24. A L says

    Hello Doctor,

    Thank you for your response. Sant Nagar in Delhi. I did not realise you were practising in Punjab. I have been having lower back pain for the last four years or so. Initially it would be in the mornings. After a hot water bath it would recede only to come back next morning. Now it's kind of chronic pain. When I finally got an x-ray done, it revealed straightening of the lumbar spine. I met an orthopaedist and he gave me a set of exercises to follow. I do them occasionally but don't have discipline.

    That's the background. My queries are as follows:

    Will I have to live with this pain all my life?

    Will it get worse?

    Is there any chance that it can be permanently cured without a surgical procedure? What can I do?

    Is playing badminton a bad idea? What about jogging and basketball?


    A L

  25. John says

    Hello Doc,

    I am 20 years old, X-Ray revealed that I have straightened lumbar spine…hmmm!! I'm worried so much with this result…I'm a nurse…does prolonged standing and sitting can contribute to this condition?

    Thank You so much!

  26. CB says

    27 year old female auto accident victim with loss of normal lordotic curvature from L-1 to L-5, mild kyphosis in upper lumber spine. also central posterior herniation at L-5-S-1 which is also identified as a focal convexity in the posterior aspect of the disc. MRI 's also showed disc bulging at L2-3, L3-4, L4-5 and T7-T8. Have received all types of physical therapy and trigger point injections over past 4 years with no relief. Is any part of this not considered soft tissue injuy? Chief complaint is lower back pain. However no significant leg pain. Are there any types of surgury that would benefit

  27. Deepak Raghav says


    i am showing my MRI OF DORSOLUMBER SPINE report which i got yesterdey,plz tell me .Is there any problem.

    1)Straightening of spine seen.

    2) no singnificant infective and neoplastic seen.

    3) Minimal posterior bulge of L4-5 And L5-s1 Disc seen. no significant nerve root and cord signal intensity.








    Sir plz tell me what is the means of all these points…..i m having prob in my back from last 2 month…

  28. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @A L,

    Please follow your doctor's advice. Exercises are mainstay of treatment in chronic backpain. It usually resolves to conservative measures and surrgery is generally not needed.

  29. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    Yes! there are surgeries available but what would be required in your case would be dtermined by a doctor who sees you.

  30. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Deepak Raghav,

    Your MRI report is almost normal except for straightening of spine which may be the earliest spondylotic change in your body.

  31. SEHRISH says

    Hello Dr!

    I am 24 yrs old(female, unmarried). X-Ray shows ''straightening of lumbar spine suggestive of muscle spasm". what is this? n what should I do?

  32. priya jain says

    dear doc.,

    i want to know the correct diagnosis of disease, the treatment ,dos and don'ts……….!!

    hope this time i don't have to wait for long….!!

  33. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    As per our policy we do not offer diagnosis and treatment. You would have to consult a physician in person.

    I apologize for the previous delays but sometimes they are inevitable.

  34. Senthil says

    Dear Doctor,

    Good Afternoon!

    I am 30 yrs old.

    I have got a back pain a year back wen i was driving a bike, i consulted a Ortho-Consultant he suggested me to take rest and suggested me to take NSAIDS.

    Then i got cured and i used to get pain often and on apply simple pain killer gels it will disappears.

    But a month back i got pain in my back, i have consulted a Ortho specialist after an X-ray he told me that there is Lumbar Lordsis. He prescribed me NSAIDS and simple excercise and walking.

    But still the pain has not gone , i cannot concentrate on my work. Some of my friend suggested me to take an MRI.

    On self interest i have taken an MRI of Lumbascaral Spine and i didnt consult any doctor after my MRI.

    The radiologist impression as follows….

    * Early Lumbar Spondylosis with the loss of Lordsis and minimal scolisis with convexity to the left side.

    * Minimal Posterior Bulge of L4-L5 Disc.

    * No Lytic/Destructive Lesion or Infective/ NEoplastic Process.

    *Normal Lumbar Spinal Canal.

    * Normal Lower End of the Cord.

    Doctors please advise me wat to do, the pain is still off and onn.

    Wat type of excercise i have to follow. Is there is any serious problem that i have to consult a dcotor immediately.

    Waiting for your advise to have a painless days.



  35. ravi thakur says

    r/sir i have been told told by my physcian that my lumbar curvature is straightened much worried tell me what should i do now

  36. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    I with my advice could remove the pains. But the proper and actual path goes to a specialist. You are having degenerative changes in your back and nedd to put on exercises and medication.

    And you need to see an orthopedic doctor for that.

    All the best.

  37. Colette says

    Dear Dr.

    I am a 36 year old female who has had back and neck pain since i was 18 years old i had a new MRI done but dont quite understand the results i was wondering if you could explain them to me better than the printout.


    1.Straightening of the normal lubar curvature indicates paraspinal muscle spasms.

    2. Early degenerativechange in the lumber spine in the form of ligamentum flavum and facet hypertrophu at the L4-L5 and L5-S1 Levels.

    3. No focal disc pathology, central canal or neural foraminal stenosis.

    Please help me understand what all this means. I was told at 18 that my back would always get worse and it has all they are doing is treating me with pain medications and trying physical therapy AGAIN. Im in a tremendous amount of pain daily and its now interfering with 80 percent of my day.

    Is surgery my only option? will i have to be on pain meds the rest of my life like the doctors say or is there something else that i can do?

    Thank you for your time

    Frustrated mother of 3 and wife.

  38. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    In nutshell you have a back which is showing degenerative changes. It includes formation of bone spurs called osteophytes, alteration in curvature of the spine like mentioned at no1.

    Good thing is that none of these changes is affecting your neural structures.

    Now coming to your back pain.

    First thing that you should do is use your back carefully. It means minimum bending and no weight lifting.

    Avoid continuous sitting at a stretch for more tha half hour. If you are in a profession that demands constant sitting, take frequent breaks.

    Keep your sitting posture straight. Do not slouch.

    Start strengthening your back. First under supervision and then yourself. Do your back exercises daily.

    Take medication as prescribed. As you strengthen your back, the pains would reduce and so would need for medicine.

    I am sure you do not need surgery. At least that is what I can deduce from available info.

    Take care.

  39. Esther says


    The result of my lumbosacral x-ray shows that:

    The lumbar lordosis is still preserved.

    There are marginal osteophytic lippings on L3 and L4 vertebrae.

    The bone density, alignment and disc spaces are intact.

    Conclusion: early lumbar spondylosis.

    I want to know the meaning and causes of marginal osteophytic lippings. Also, I hope that I don't have any straightened lumbar spine. My back pain started all of a sudden and I find it difficult to trace the cause because I have never hit my back on hard surface and I never had any problem with it.

  40. rambabu says

    good after noon sir. my age is 21 years. i getting back pain since 1 year. in x ray report "no problem", in MRI report "strightening of lambar spine". using L S belt &doing exercise but no releaf. please give me treatment sir.

  41. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    You would have to visit a doctor in person. As noted in our policy we do not provide the treatment, only knowledge about the condition.

    I hope that helps.

  42. hema sharma says

    hello dr.

    I am 38yrs. old female suffering from severe pain in both knees and right hip. It started some 8 yrs. ago with pain in my right knee and pain in right hip developed side by side. doctors took condiserable time to diagnose problem, some said meniscus tear, some called chondromalacia patella others even rule out it. X-rays and MRIs show no visible gap or deformity. The problem wd my right hip has also worsened over the years, now, I have problem wd my lower back also. lower back x-ray showed L5s1 spondylosis but orhtopeadician ruled out the same. I am nearly crippled due to intensity of problems, can't squat, can't climb stairs properly, can't bend with m y back and doctors say nothing serious., I've constanct 24/7 pain. I live in mohali, can you suggest me a doctor who can seriously listen to me and examine my problem. I would really be grateful to you. Please help me out

  43. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    It is not necessary that an injury should occur to cause the back pain. Our daily routines and back strains over the time can cause this cumulative effect.

    You have lumbar spondylosis and that is causing the pain. Lipping is part of this whole process.

    One gets better with rest, medication and physiotherapy.

  44. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @hema sharma,

    It is difficult to diagnose a problem from a distance. See a specialist doctor. You might want to try PGI or GMC if you can't understand whom to consult.

  45. Linda Fulton says

    I am 39 yrs old and in August 2010 I began having pains in my lower back. I visited my GP who treated me for a kidney infection but after 10 days the pain became worse and I was finding it difficult to sit and get back up again. I went back to my GP who told me it was my Coccyx (even tho I had no accidents or injuries) and he referred me to a Physiotherapist for 11 wks of what I can only describe as sheer hell. Eventually I was referred to hospital for cortisone injections, which I had two of over a period of 6 months, last injection Sept 11. It seemed to have settled down until I had an accident a work and jerked my arm and shoulder since this my back pain has flared up again and I am in complete agony to the extent I visited A&E in my local hospital. After having an Xray the doctor told me that I have spinal straightening because my back is in spasms, this now is effecting my whole body. I have been given Diazepam to help relax the muscles and I seem to be living on pain killers but still cannot cope. What would be the best cause of action for me please as I can no longer tolerate this pain and dont know where to turn.


  46. Sharad Kumar Vishwak says

    Dear Sir,

    Greetings !!!!

    I am 26 years old student and from 1 year i am suffering from back pain and X-ray report says no problem and mri report is L.S spine i treated very qulify dr. but there is no relief in my position i also do daily walking now i'm very disturb from it pls give me and that how to remove my pain i'm waiting to your answer….Pls reply me as soon as posibe

  47. sunny gupta says

    i m 22 yrs old n have l4 l5 disc protrusion along with mild disc protrusion at l5 s1. while doing any activity pain incresases and also there is convexity to the left side. Is this scoliosis????????? and how can it be cured??????????? is surgery the only treatment???????

  48. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Linda Fulton,

    I do not think that delayed answer is going to benefit you.
    How are you now?

  49. Pam Drake says

    I have been diagnosed with seronegative rheumatoid arthritis. In viewing my x-rays the rheumatologist mentioned that had some straightening of the spine. These are lumbar x-rays. What does that mean?

  50. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Sharad Kumar Vishwakrma,

    I am sorry. I cannot suggest you diagnosis or treatment.

    For that you need to see a doctor in person.

  51. Tammy says

    Please tell me what this means? I had an MRI and I stsy in pain with what feels like my hip but here are the findings/conclusion?

    1. There is straightening of the lumbar spinein the lateral view. A mild thoracolumbar scoliosis is noted.

    2. At L5-S1 bilateral facet arthropathy and mild disc bulge result in mild bilateral nearal foriminal narrowing without central spinal stenosis.

    3. Above L5-S1 Leval the Lumbar spine is negative.

  52. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Pam Drake,

    Normally the spine in lumbar area is curved with concavity at posterior side. Loss of this concavity occurs in lumbar afflictions due to spasm and this is seen as straightening of spine.

  53. Christa Sian says

    Dear Dr Arun Pal Singh,

    I greatly enjoy and appreciate your efforts to give everyone a clearer view of this condition.

    I am a 26 year old female nurse. For more than 5 years, I have been experiencing daily chronic back aches which I usually attribute to my posture and menstrual period . Recently, the backaches has been quite intolerable which led me to seek medical help. I got an xray done of my lumbar area which showed mild degenerative lumbar spondylosis and attempted sacralization of L5-S1.

    I am just wondering what does the word "attempted" means when there is fusing of my L5-S1? Also is my current findings a sign of an impending serious condition? I understand that pain management and series of rehab might help but my follow up will still be in a week's time and these results are already worrying me.

    Hope you can shed some light regarding my queries.



  54. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Christa Sian,

    Attempted may be used to imply incomplete. Lumbar spondylosis is a discomforting condition and by no means serious.

  55. Katelin says

    I'm a 28 year old woman with chronic lower back pain. I had an MRI 9 years ago which revealed L5-S1 spondylosis, grade 1 spondylolisthesis, right side bulging disc and straightening of lumbar curvature. I used to be very athletic but now find I have to minimize my activities. Although I currently have no apparent neurological impingements I'm worried about progression. I'm considering having children in the near future and wonder how pregnancy and birth with affect this condition/how the condition will affect pregnancy and birth.

    Thanks for your help and advice!

  56. says

    Am Abbey, 25yrs old. I've been experiencing back ache for more than a year now. I was told to go for an X-ray and the result showed straightening of the lumber spine due to muscular spasm. Am worried wat can be done to cure this ache. Tanx

  57. nicole says

    I have had knee pain since i was 14. At first i thought it was from track in high school but i am 25 now and not only have they gotten worse but i have sever b ack pains. My legs go out from under me almost daily, i can’t pick up my son without fear of dropping him. I can hardly move when my back pain flares up. When i wake up in the mornings my back is knotted and it spasms. I have to use a heating pad before i can move too much. I get painful sensitivity on both thighs. Then travels down my legs to the bottoms of my feet. Doctors say there was nothing wrong til a few weeks ago when i made sure to get an xray. They still wont tell me anything but my xrays are almost the same as the picture here on the site. The only thing i was told was not to carry more than 15lbs and to limit movement. I read all your responses and you say excersice is best but i just dont know what to do since doctors here wont help me. Any ideas??

  58. arvind says

    Hi Dr.Arun,
    Can you please refere a good Doctor in PUNE & Mumbai for My mother & me also.
    She has Osteoporosis & now she is suffering from dorsolumbar spondylosis.
    Her treatment is going on in Fortis hospital, mulund,mumbai but still I want to have second opiniun for her.
    I will be thank fule if you suggest.

  59. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    I am sorry but I do not have an idea. You need to rely on your local input. All the best.

  60. SAMIJAN says

    Hi Doc
    i have pain in pelvis foe last 5 months , my MRi reorts have these findings
    1.. Right posterolateral broad based disc protusion at LS junction intervertebral disc level causing effacement of epidural fat and indentation of thecal sac with compression of lateral recesses and nerve root on right side
    please tell me if its worring , will my pain go away , and what should i do to stop this pain

  61. dibyendu says

    Hello doctor,
    I am 32 yr old male. Last six months
    I am having pain in lowe back and right leg. Unable to bend back,Body bending forward. X rays report says oss of iordotic curvature in LS, LUMBAR VERTEBRAE AND THEIR APPENDAGES APPEAR NORMAL, intervertibreral spaces are maintained, no obvous bony patholigy in sacro iliac articulation. Orthopedician has suggested for pelvic traction, muscle relaxatant, pain killer, calcium tablets. Will you kindly advise me the dos and donts in this situation?. And how to now that it is improving during this tx?
    Thanks a lotfor your time and reply in advance.

  62. Neeraj says

    Hi doctor,
    i m suffering from lower back pain. In x-ray, lumber spondolysis is diagonozed. Pain is like any if i m moving even a bit to other position. Pain is going to front abdomen n hips With some currnt needle pain. Plz advise. I ve not yet cosulted with any doctor. Thnx

  63. Neeraj says

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.

    Hi doctor,
    i m suffering from lower back pain. In x-ray, lumber spondolysis is diagonozed. Pain is like any if i m moving even a bit to other position. Pain is going to front abdomen n hips With some currnt needle pain. Plz advise. I ve not yet cosulted with any doctor. Thnx

  64. Arun Pal Singh says

    It seems like you need to consult a doctor because you are in need for prescription.

  65. Lukky A says

    Pls what us d meaning of loss of lumber lordosis? And what type of exercise is good to correct this as I have nerve pain on my right leg due to muscle spasm..thanks

  66. Arun Pal Singh says

    Lumbar spine appears arched with convexity in front in normal xrays.It iscalled lordosis. However in lumbar afflictions, the spine loses the arched appearance and it becomes straighter. So their is loss of lordosis.

  67. says

    Hi doc my name is Aurelia I resently fell of my chair at work when the chair rolled back and flipped foward pushing me of and free falling on the tile hitting my lower back and tail bone hard it went numb and over some days it’s gone worse I had an xray done which shows no fractures but they state further investigation be done and it states narrowing of L5 and S1 I am having so much pain and was given celebrex and tramadol for pain is there any advice for me.i can’t sit for long or stand for long my lower back is sore and it burns with pain from my buttocks right down my legs making it hard for me to do my daily work.

    Kind regards

  68. Arun Pal Singh says

    Hi Auri,

    Most of the pains in the back respond well to rest and medication. Rest is very essential. It is boring, impractical but their is no alternative to rest. Give your pain few weeks. If it does not improve, you may be investigated further.

    Take care.

  69. says

    Hi doc
    Thank you for your reply.I had an MRI done and shows disk protrusion on L4 an L5 with an annular tear and dessication how bad is it because the doctors here in South Africa don’t always tell the truth I’m finding it hard to drive my car at present and the pain is unbearable what would be the best option since it is IOD and I am currently of work but cash is low so I am gone depressed I have a 5year old to rake care of.

  70. daisy says

    My xray. Says there is straightening of the lumbar lordosis with lumbosacral facet arthropathy. What does this mean?

  71. Arun Pal Singh says

    This means that you have arthritis of facet joint and normal lordosis of the lumbar spine is lost. It is not as bad as it sounds in words. Happens to most of population in due course of life. Loss of lordosis occurs due to spasm and in the beginning is reversible by exercises and improvement in posture.

    Take care

  72. Arun Pal Singh says

    Disc dessication means that it is not hydrated any more and annular tear means a tear in the ring that surrounds the disc. As such it is not a problem. The problem arises when disc compresses the nerves in vicinity. I had suggested general measures in my previous answer. But for specific tratment, you would need to meet a doctor in person and get a prescription.

    You are welcome to resolve any doubt or query.

    Take care.

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