Xrays Of Fracture of Humerus


A collection of xrays of fracture of humerus in adult skeleton are being presented and would be updated regularly. Image 1 – Xray of Fracture of Upper End of Humerus Following image depicts an xray of 5 years old woman who suffered fracture of humerus after a trivial fall. Image 2 - Xray of Fracture of […]

Fracture Humerus Fixed Plates and Screws With Radiological Signs of Implant Loosening


If after fixation of a fracture, there is failure to unite within certain amount of time, there is danger of implant getting failed. With improved qualities of implants, meticulous surgical techniques and careful postoperative protocols, the failures can be reduced. But still failures do occur. After a fracture is fixed there is kind of race […]

Fractures of Distal Third Humerus-Diagnosis and Treatment


The overall incidence of distal humeral fractures in adults is  0.5% of all fractures. The nature of the injury is commonly severe and is often associated with injury to surrounding soft tissue and nerves. Before we discuss the fractures, we have a look at the anatomy of distal part of humerus. Incoming search terms:distal humeral […]

Non Union In Fracture of Shaft of Humerus


Fracture of shaft of humerus is very amenable to treatment but a percentage of fractures do not heal. Normal healing of a humeral fracture occurs over 8 to 10 weeks. If the fracture has not achieved union by 3 to 4 months, it can be considered a delayed union. If union does not occur by […]

Radial Nerve Palsy In Fracture Humerus


Radial nerve gets injured in 6 to 15% of the fracture humeral shaft. Most of these palsies occur at the time of injury and would be identified at time of first evaluation. Most palsies occur at the time of the injury and are identified at initial evaluation of the fracture 10-20% of radial nerve palsies […]

Operative Treatment of Fracture of Shaft of Humerus


Closed treatment yields satisfactory outcome for most humeral fractures, specific situations do exist in which better results have been achieved through surgical stabilization. Methods of Fixation Compression Plating This method involves fixing the fracture using a plate and screws. It is quite effective method of fracture fixation but involves quite significant amount of dissection and […]

Fractures of Shaft of Humerus – Presentation and Treatment


The shaft of the humerus lies between the upper border of the pectoralis major insertion proximally and the supracondylar ridge distally. This constitutes the middle three fifths of the entire humerus. The anterior portion of the greater tuberosity extends into an anterior ridge that ends at the coronoid fossa distally. The posterior aspect of the […]