Xrays Of Fracture of Humerus


A collection of xrays of fracture of humerus in adult skeleton are being presented and would be updated regularly. Image 1 – Xray of Fracture of Upper End of Humerus Following image depicts an xray of 5 years old woman who suffered fracture of humerus after a trivial fall. Image 2 – Xray of Fracture of […]

Distal Humerus Fracture


The overall incidence of distal humerus fracture in adults is  0.5% of all fractures. The nature of the injury is commonly severe and is often associated with injury to surrounding soft tissue and nerves. Anatomy of Distal Humerus Humerus bone widens distally in the coronal plane to a maximum between the medial and lateral epicondyles […]

Non Union In Fracture of Shaft of Humerus


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Radial Nerve Palsy In Fracture Humerus


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Shaft of Humerus Fracture


Shaft of Humerus Fracture -Relevant Anatomy The shaft of the humerus fracture is the fracture of bone that lies between the upper border of the pectoralis major insertion proximally and the supracondylar ridge distally. This constitutes the middle three fifths of the entire humerus.   The deltoid tubercle forms a lateral prominence just proximal to […]