What Is Lumbar Spondylosis

Lumbar spondylosis is a type of spondylosis that occurs in lumbar spine.  It describes bony overgrowths, also called (osteophytes), predominantly those at the anterior, lateral, and, less commonly, posterior aspects of the superior and inferior margins of vertebral bodies.

Likelihood of spondylosis increases with age and is considered an inevitable part of aging.

Lumbar spondylosis is the price of  upright posture we have.


Lumbar spondylosis appears to be a nonspecific aging phenomenon. As yet there has been found no relation to lifestyle, height, weight, body mass, physical activity, cigarette and alcohol consumption.

Obesity has been found to be a risk factor in some of populations.


The ostephytes are formed as  a result of new bone formation in areas where the annular ligament is stressed.

Clinical Presentation

Per se, lumbar spondylosis produces no symptoms. Osteophytes may lead to pressure on the surrounding structures which produce symptoms.

Spondylosis is often an  associated finding in patients of back pain and sciatica.


  • Radiographs
  • CT scans
  • MRI

Investigations need to be individualized and


Because most of patients would present with symptoms of backpain and/or sciatica, other causes of backpain should be ruled out.

Therapy is supportive and symptomatic and involves pain killers,  rest, physiotherapy and surgery if required.

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  1. Meg Gifty Geraldo says

    can this straightening of the lumber spine be cured permanently because it shows marginal early osteophytes are seen along the L3 and L4

  2. kanika says

    After delivery of my first child at 30yrs of age, I experience severe lower back ache. X ray showed staightening of lumbar spine. What is the cause of straightening and how can it be rectified.

  3. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    Spasm is the cause of straightening and relief of spasm can lead to reversal if the cause is not bony inn origin.

  4. Uday says

    My wife suffers from staightening of lumbar spine. Dr. Arun Pal Singh has given very important information. I would like to know, how and where to get the investigation done to find cause of origin.

  5. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    Please visit a doctor in your vicinity who specializes in orthopedics or spine.

  6. Rick sua says

    I experienced severe pain in my lumbar area a few days ago that rendereed me immobile for a few days.

    My xray result shows the following:

    Osteophyte formation is noted along the opposing margins of L3/l4 disc space.

    Vertebral height and alignment are preserved.

    Likely a phlebolith along the left hemipelvis.

    I'm presently taking muscle relaxant and neuropathic pain reliever. A maintenance dose of Vit. B12 is also prescribed.

    could I seek your opinion on other ways of managing my conditon. I still experience some pain in the lumbar area

  7. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Rick sua,

    Rest is most important part of the treatment. i hope you are doing that.

    How are you now?

  8. Rick sua says

    Rest in what way? I'm still doing office work on a managerial level. Although my work does not entail physical exertion, I still have to be in the office regularly. I still experience some heaviness in the lumbar area everytime I stand from a sitting position. My gait is also affected. I sometimes trip on the stairs.

  9. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Rick sua,

    You would need to find your own strategy for that. Avoid prolonged sitting, bending and lifting weights.

    Your doctor and physio would explain you the cautions on how to make movements with minimal stress on the spine like getting up or picking things from ground, how to maintain a good posture etc

  10. tessy says

    you stated that spasm is the cause of straightening of spine and that relief from the spasm may lead to reversal if the cause is not bony in origin. please explain a little about what kind of spasm was meant here and what reversal would occur with relief from spasm. also, what was mean by bony origin. please give a little detailed explanation because my mother suffers from this condition with osteophytes. please let me know of the possible viable options without surgery and a lifetime of pill popping.

  11. basavaraj reddy says

    i am suffering from low back pain since 6 month back.last week my company doctor take xerox,check xerox after said i am suffering from Spondylolysis

    i am 42 years old. now i am working in saudia arabia as a admin officer,my duty continue daily 12 hourse sitting.i take some pain killer medicine but not relife

    please give me your advice

  12. Rehan Munawar says

    I am 41 and have recently developed pain in my lower back. Lumber X-Ray revealed that i had slight reduction between L1-L2 &L2-L3. Bone density etc is all fine. Report says it could be spondylosis. X-Ray also reveals some bony spurs in this region. My doc says that this is atleast 5 year old development. Then why is is hurting now ? Also i play tennis, golf and have no problem. After these exercises , I feel better rather. I also do back exercises but it does hurt initially as i have not done any back exercise ever or it may be due to the spondylosis. The pain is at times nagging and then goes away. I don't have tingling problem in legs etc. However, at times i feel some pinching in my back too. Maybe it is because of spurs ?

    Pls advise what could be done. Can this completely go away if i strengthen my back muscles ?

  13. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @basavaraj reddy,

    I think you mean xray when you say xerox. Prolonged sitting is known to cause back pain.

    Break your sitting period. Take short breaks from continued sittings and follow your doctors advie

  14. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Rehan Munawar,

    Pain in the lower back resulting from spondylosis is treated by analgesics and physiotherapy aimed at strengthening the back.

    As you are otherwise fit, things should improve with these measures.

    If they do not, get investigated further

  15. Akshu says

    I am 24yrs old, i have severe lower back pain since 1 year. When my doctor asked to take a x ray, it said early Lumbar Spondylosis (disk space reduced in L3, L4, L5). Can this be cured? What all i need to follow. Please advice

  16. Akshu says

    Doctor had advised me to take rest and do back stretchings. But is this enough.

    I also take calcium tablets as adviced by him.

  17. Sabina says

    how can i carry pregnancy in this situation? i have been diagnosed of spodylisis.
    please help