Xray of Fibrous Dysplasia of Femur and Tibia

Fibrous dysplasia is a  rare disease of bone where bony tissue is replaced with fibrous tissue.

It is called monostatic if it involves one bone and polyostotic fibrous dysplasia if it involves more than one bone.

Fibrous dysplasia causes abnormal growth or swelling of bone. Bones of the skull, thigh, shin, ribs, upper arm and pelvis are most commonly affected.

Most of the cases of fibroud dysplasia are monostotic. Males and females of any race are equally affected.

Severe form of polyostotic fibrous dysplasia is known as McCune-Albright syndrome which consists of endocrine disease and skin pigmentation

Following xrays are of 16 years old girl who came to out patient department with deformity of thigh. Her xrays revealed bowing of femur, coxa vara [decrease in neck shaft angle and multiple radiolucent shadows in tibia and femur suggestive of fibrous dysplasia.

Here is the xray of fibrous dysplasia of upper femur

Fibrous Dysplasia Femur Upper End

Fibrous Dysplasia Femur Upper End

Lower femur

Fibrous Dysplasia Femur

Fibrous Dysplasia Femur

Xray of fibrous dysplasia of tibia of same side.

Fibrous Dysplasia Tibia

Fibrous Dysplasia Tibia

Deformity was main complaint of the patient. Patient was advised to follow up regularly and to take analgesics as and when needed.


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