Anatomy of Clavicle- The Collar Bone



Clavicle of right side viewed from below (left image) and from above(right image)

The clavicle is a long bone that connects trunk with upper limb.

As viewed in the coronal plane, the clavicle is a slender bone, wider medially at its sternal articulation and noticeably thinner at its lateral third.  The clavicle assumes a gentle s-shape, the medial end convex forward and the lateral end concave forward.

The shape resembles musical symbol the clavicula.It is also known as collar bone.

Female  clavicle is shorter, lighter, thinner, smoother, and less curved than in males . The lateral end of the clavicle is a little below the medial end in females whereas in males, the lateral end is either at the same level or slightly higher than the medial end.

Structure of Clavicle

Clavicle has two ends medial end and lateral ends and a cylindrical part called the shaft.

The lateral end is also called  acromial end and is flat from above downwards. It  articulates with the acromion process of the scapula through a facet. The articular surface for the acromioclavicular joint gives attachment to the joint capsule.

The medial end is called sternal end, is quadrangular in shape. This part  articulates with the clavicular notch of the manubrium sterni to form the sternoclavicular joint.  It also articulates with first costal cartilage via extension of the articular surface.

The shaft of the clavicle can be divided into the lateral one third and the medial two thirds.

The lateral one third of the shaft is flattened from above downwards. It has a concave anterior border and convex posterior border and  two surfaces- the superior and inferior.

The inferior surface has  elevation called the conoid tubercle and a ridge called the trapezoid ridge.

The medial two thirds of the shaft of the clavicle is rounded and has four surfaces- Convex antreior, thick posterior,  superior and inferior which harbors  a longtitudinal groove called subclavian groove in its lateral half.

Determination of Side

  • The lateral end is flat, and the medial end is large and quadrilateral.
  • The shaft is slightly curved, so that it is convex forwards in its medial 2/3, and concave forwards in its lateral 1/3.
  • The inferior surface is grooved longitudinally in its middle 1/3.



Medial Ligaments

The bulbous medial clavicular end contributes to form sternoclavicular joint. Several ligaments support this joint.

Capsular Ligaments

Capsular ligaments are thickenings of the sternoclavicular joint capsule are referred to as the capsular ligaments on anterosuperior and posterior aspects of the capsule. These are responsible for limiting superior displacement of the medial clavicular or, through the clavicular moment arm, inferior displacement of the lateral end of an intact clavicle.

The posterior part of the capsule resists both anterior and posterior translation at the sternoclavicular joint.

Interclavicular Ligament

This ligaments has strong bands that span the medial clavicle to the superior sternum to the contralateral clavicle. The ligament loosens with shoulder elevation and prevents downward displacement of the lateral end of the clavicle.

Costoclavicular Ligament

These strong ligaments run from the upper aspect of the first rib and adjacent aspects of the sternum to the inferior clavicle. The costoclavicular ligament stabilizes the medial clavicle against both upward and downward rotation, respectively.

Lateral Ligaments

Coracoclavicular Ligaments

From the base of the coracoid process of the scapula to the inferior aspect of the lateral clavicle are two ligaments called trapezoid and conoid ligaments. Trapezoid ligament is lateral and attaches on a specific osseous ridge, whereas the more medial conoid inserts at the conoid tubercle. These ligaments serve the important function of suspension of the shoulder girdle from the clavicle.

Acromioclavicular Ligaments

The capsule of the acromioclavicular joint forms the acromioclavicular ligaments. Posterosuperiorly, the ligament serves to resist anteroposterior displacement of the distal clavicle.

Musclar Anatomy

Medially, the clavicle serves as origin of the pectoralis major and sternohyoid muscles. Superomedial clavicle serves as an origin of the sternocleidomastoid. In a midshaft clavicle fracture, the sternocleidomastoid becomes a medial clavicle elevator. The undersurface of the middle clavicle serves as an insertion point for the subclavius muscle. Laterally, the anterior clavicle is the site of origin for the anterior deltoid with the posterosuperior clavicle serving as an accessory insertion for the trapezius.


Normal Clavicular Functions

Strut Function

Clavicle is responsible for bracing the shoulder girdle and propping it away from the sternum and thoracic cage. This allows the shoulder to reach into cross-body and internal rotation positions without medial collapse. The clavicle increases the strength of shoulder girdle movements

Suspensory Function

The shoulder girdle is stabilized against inferior displacement by two mechanisms, one dynamic and one static. Posteriorly, the trapezius acts as a dynamic scapular elevator. Anteriorly, the shoulder girdle hangs from the clavicle by the coracoclavicular ligaments, similar to a sign hanging from a signpost.


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  1. says


    i am very much impressed about the information on the clavicle but there are no peculiarities about the bone…it would be helpful for the user to understand about the bone if the peculiarities are specified…

    thank you

  2. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    Thanks Shrayus. Got your point. Would make a separate post on it.

    Good to have you here.

  3. Vikki Garrett says

    I am a CNA

    I have pain,

    a pulling sometimes burning pain from an injury I recieved helping to pull a heavy resident up in the bed. I cannot lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk without pain or move my arm with proper RAM without pain and sometimes i feel something cool in there like something a liquid perhaps is draining in there

    I have been given xrays and an MRI and they say its tendonitis and continue to give me NSAIDS. HOWEVER i keep telling them while yes I have some discomfort in my shoulder my main source of "PAIN" is toward the right side of my chest right under my clavicle bone. straight below the outer edge of my right eye.

    Today I was told by the workmans comp doctor (which is no specialist just a small town doctor) " it MAY BE torn ligaments and theres not a damn thing you can do about it but get over it."

    Any advise you can give????please????

  4. Vikki Garrett says

    also when i do a circular RAM on my shoulder i can hear and feel popping (almost feels like loose pebbles) on the clavicle right above my site that has pain.

  5. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    Most likely you have a chronic inflammation of the soft tissues ( ligament or tendon) following injury. Even your MRI suggested tendonitis though you did not mention which one.

    Though I am unable to reach at a diagnosis with the limited information that I have at my disposal, I guess that it should be a soft tissue affliction.

    Local heat therapy, Pain killers and rest are the modalities of treatment that you can use.

    The condition should improve with time.

    If you want a further discussion on this, please send me a mail along with your xray and MRIi pictures at contact at boneandspine dot com

    If it does not get better, get a check up again.

  6. says

    Feels like a swollen lymph node along the bottom part of collarbone, in line up from the nipple on breast.

    Is soft and in a large pocket of fluid. Feel pressure in neck, ear, and eye. Not sore unless I press on Lymph node. Doctor seems to feel nothing to worry about unless lump gets hard – said result of sickness, and that it should go away. That's been 6 months ago and still there and getting larger.

    Please advise

  7. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    If there is a persistent swelling in any part of th body, it should be investigated. Xrays, CT, MRI and FNAC might help to reach at a diagnosis.

    Talk to your doctor. If the swelling is progressively increasing, I would surely subject it to investigation.

    Hope that helps. Take care

  8. says

    Last week I discovered an enlargement of the bone just below my throat at the base of the neck on my right side. The left side is normal. There is no pain and I have had no injuries. An x-ray does not show a thickening of the bone, so the doctor thinks it is a covering of cartilage on the bone. The docter felt fairly confident it is not a bone cancer. I'm waiting now for the radiologist's review and report regarding the x-ray. A recent routine blood workup was done (Sept) and nothing was out of normal range except CO2 count was elevated 1 count above normal range(?)…iron, B12, cholesterol, thyroid and all basics normal.

    Again, there is no pain. No illness. I am in my early 40's. No major illnesses. I've experienced a strange mixture of seemingly unrelated symptoms that I'm now wondering if are truly unrelated or taken together mean something?

    Miscellaneous recent developments: occasional headaches, ocassional skin problems (small, rough, peeling patches where skin meets lips; patchy, irritated, itchy skin on right eyelid, (treated with steroid cream) miscellaneous itching sensations primarily on torso area of body, occasional cystic or deep skin facial acne, occasional instances of high blood pressure. Went to urgent care 6 mos ago with "sunburned torso." It wasn't an actual sunburn – that's what it looked and felt like! Treated with steroid.

    Do you have any ideas or suggestions of what I should be asking a general physician to investigate regarding the (clavical?) bone "thickening"?

  9. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    If there is a palpable thickening and xray does not reveal anything then one must ask
    Is it from the bone. If so which one?
    If not then what is the origin?
    [If you already know these answers, please let me know so that I can deduce in a better way

    Can a better investigation like CT/MRI be done?

    I think other problems would be better addressed by a skin specialist.

  10. Mukesh says

    On Sep 12 this year, i met with a bike accident and fractured my terminal end of left clavicle bone, waited for two months to get heal naturally as suggested by my doc. But i hv to undergo surgery on nov 8 (plate, screw and wire). Now its seventh week running, still i feel some pain and wearing arm sling. i see elevated terminal end on my soldier…i am worried is the surgery ok some wrong things happened inside. How long will take to recover myself so that i can be normal and what precautions will i take to make join properly.

  11. James Gillis says

    Dr Arun Pal Singh, I have had problems with my sternoclavicle joint for some time now. It pops and I shriek in pain when it does. I can palpate the the popping everytime I rotate my arm but the pain is random so I keep my arm down below ninety degrees out or the pain might appear. As time is progressing, so is the consistancy of the pain. It seems to have spread or just have become noticable towards the middle of the clavicle.

    The doctor wanted to put me on Ibuprofin (sp???) and rest. I would not raise my arm past that 90 degree mark for a month but that only stiffened the joint. I am getting tired of the pain and the constant grinding of what ever in the joint. Please help.

  12. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @James Gillis,

    You would be better helped by your treating doctor. Without examination and investigations there is little I can do for you.

    I think you should ask for an appointment with specialist.

  13. viki says

    hi, for the past week i have woken up fine and about dinner time my right side collarbone feels bruised. i was fine when i woke up and it gradually got worse throughout the day until i went to bed. when i woke up the next day it was perfectly fine but 3 days later the same thing has happened. it seems to feel worse when i lift my right arm in the air and i feel like crying. i am thinking it might be the way i have been asleep but not sure. i would appreciate some advice on this. thanks

  14. Paul Westthaus says

    My wife suffered a dislocated clavicle/sternum in a fall oover a year ago. We put off seeing a physician as the pain gradually improved. In October 2009 we saw a chiropractor who said the clavicle could be adjusted back into place. After weeks of treatment, the pain only got worse. Finally she saw an orthopedic doctor who recommended that we simply leave it alone and suggested she use ice and Aleve. I presume the ligaments have been torn and stretched by th echiropractor and are thus inflamed. However, I see websites which suggest heat rather than ice. I am confused on this point. Also, are there any injections which may speed up the antiinflammatory treatment of the ligaments?

    Thank you


  15. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    Please see a doctor.

    I am sorry but I am unable to help you at this stage due to obvoius constraints.

  16. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Paul Westthaus,

    Both modalities work and both are used.

    Rest and antiinflammatory medicines should surfice. There are no such injections,

  17. Sara says


    I suffered an injury to my shoulder in October 2009 while trying to help with a patient, it was a pulling injury that caused immediate weakness and pain with ROM. I saw the ER doctor and was put in a sling and the following week had an MRI which revealed a partially torn rotator cuff with a significant amount of fluid around it. I started physical therapy to regain ROM and there was a considerable amount of pain in the clavicle area from the sternum across to the shoulder joint. I expressed my concern to my orthopedic doctor who performed a cat scan of the chest to look for obvious deformity to the clavicle which showed nothing.. Therapy was discontinued and I have been doing home exercises ever since. The pain has gotten worse after 5 months and workers comp still refuses to pay to repair the rotator cuff and I am still having terrible pain in the clavicle area now with significant swelling and a fullness in the throat area. My question is, Is there a possibility that I have torn some of the ligaments in the clavicle and/or seperated my shoulder and that is what is causing the pain and feeling of instability in the clavicle? The only relief I get is with taping the joint in an stabalized position and even then it is only a temporary fix and the pain doesn't completely subside. I would appreciate any help that you may be able to give me regarding this. Thank you!


  18. Fran Ryan says

    Relatively flat grape-sized lump approximately 2 1/2 inches below collarbone, left side. Sore to touch. Have been battling bronchitis for about 6 weeks. Could this be related to the bronchitis or something to be checked out?

  19. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    Only the doctor you see in person would be able to tell you what is wrong.

    If you think you are not being treated, try seeing another doctor

  20. Bassem says

    about a month ago i had an accident and i dislocated my clavicle bone my doctor said that its so called first stage dislocation so its not a big deal i put it on an arm sling for about 3 weeks maybe more its fine now but the bone didn exactly come back in to place is that normal?? and when i lift any weight when im working out i feel like this pain in my sholder i feel its coming from a muscle not a bone in the front and the back side of my sholder what is that and how do you treat it fast??? please i need serious help in this i need to know what wrong with my sholder are there like any liguments that should be fixed or what?

    please answer me that would help me alot thank you very much!

  21. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    The term dislocation is used when joints separate. From your question it is not clear what joint was involved.

    Would you please provide more info.

  22. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    Please get examined by a doctor. I would not be abole to help you as I cannot examine you.

  23. Sarah says

    Dr Arun Pal Singh,

    When I run, I often experience pain that seems to be radiating from my right clavicle. I have read that this could be due to spasms in my scalene or subclavius muscles. Only sometimes do I feel it when I am at rest, and sometimes the pain seems to be in the shoulder. While I have seen a doctor and was prescribed Skelaxin and Celebrex, it doesn't seem to touch the pain that sometimes keeps me from getting a restful night's sleep. These items were prescribed because of a previous bout of tendonitis that was solved with these types of medications. There is not any swelling in the area of my clavicle or shoulder. I do I also suffer from side stitch on the same side when running. Do you suggest that I see a physical therapist, a specialist, or go back to my family doctor?


  24. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    I am not aware of your health system but if your symptoms are not relieved you need to visit the same doctor once. Let him evaluate and send you to the concerned specialist if he deems it right.

  25. aswanth says

    hey I like this a lot .moreover it's really helpful for me.

    actually i wll give 10/10 for this great information

  26. sharon says

    Hi Dr. Arun.

    I am a nurse and I have worked as an O.R. director in Egypt for the last four years. (I mention this only because of the very high level of polution there). While in the states for the summer I began to have pain in my right clavicle that progressively got worse over a 3 week period. I have had no injury. It is an aching pain that never goes away and occasionally is more significant. It began as a dull pain in a small central area closest to my sternum but now it is across my entire clavicle. I have no pain in the sternum. My right arm is beginning to feel fatigued, not painful. Im also experiencing a few other weird symptoms recently. The top of my right foot several times a day seems to have a very hot sensation for a few seconds but when I touch it, it is cool or no heat felt. Also my right leg is achy over the last couple of days. I am 38 years old with no medical history to speak of, no medications. Have not been to a doctor in the last four years until I experienced this. I saw an internal medicine physician. She felt it was pretty much not significant and had me go for an xray which was normal. SO what the heck is causing this pain and are those odd symptoms related. Sorry so long!!! Please help. Should I persue further investigation?

    Thank you in advance.


  27. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    Please seek another opinion if you think first doctor has missed something.

    As your symptoms pertain to area around neck, arm and leg, you should also get checked for spine.

    In any case if xray does not help and your symptoms persist, a better investigation like CT or MRI should be done

  28. sheena says

    sometimes maybe a couple times a week my left collarbone will pop all of the sudden it is really fast just one pop it kinda startles me a little bit and it hurts when it happens i never know when its about to happen do you know what could be wrong with me? Also i have calcium deposits in my shoulder which causes pain when i use my shoulder alot any suggestions?

  29. Dr. Jadhav U.S. says

    On Aug. 1st of this year, i met with a bike accident and fractured my terminal end of right side clavicle bone, waited for one and half months to get heal naturally as suggested by my doctor. But i am in confussion whether i have to go for surgery or not, and i am little bit affraiding about healing. Is surgery is good or not pl inform me. Now its sixth week running, still i feel some pain and wearing arm sling. i see elevated terminal end on my soldier…i am worried is the surgery ok some wrong things happened inside. How long will take to recover myself so that i can be normal and what precautions will i take to make join properly.

    Yours Sicerely

    Dr. Jadhav U.S.

  30. Dee says

    I'm a 46 year old perimenopausal female that suffers from fibromyalgia. For the past 9 months I have had a soft swelling (edema?) above my right collar bone. Over the past year I've had a 30-lb weight gain (particularly abdominally) and maybe the last 6 months or so have had generalized swelling (edema) which can possibly be caused by the fibromyalgia.

    I have been to a few doctors about it but they don't seem concerned. Once or twice the swelling extended half way up my neck and down toward my throat and chest. It seems to go up and down (although never all the way day). It is soft and puffy feeling. Should I be alarmed? What are the chances this could be some type of cancer? I'd sure appreciate your help on this.



  31. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Dr. Jadhav U.S.,

    Were you advised surgery or you are thinking on yyour own that you need it!

    Clavicle fractures generally do unite well without surgery. Most of those which do not unite do not have functional problem.

    A very little percentage with greater demands would need surgery and it does help them.
    Discuss it with your treating doctor and he would be able to guide you better.

  32. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    It is unlikely that fibromyalgia would cause generalised swelling.

    A swelling on the collar bone should not be ignored. Untill ruled out everything would come in probale diagnosis.

  33. Leslie says

    My right collarbone sticks out further than the left, and it is also larger than the left. It does not hurt, and I do not feel any "lumps". It just feels like my bone is bigger / thicker.

    My right shoulder ( between my neck, spine, and shoulder blade) is painful ( muscular pain or tension). It grinds or pops when I move it. Almost as soon as I lay down my arm goes numb and begins to ache horribly, all the way down to my hand- mainly my thumb, index and middle fingers. It's very painful and I have not been able to get much sleep lately. It feels like I need to pull my shoulder blade away from my back and stretch it out. I have also noticed myself keeping my shoulder in a "shrugged" position.

    Any thoughts???

  34. says

    I discovered an enlargement of the clavicle bone on my right side. The left side is normal. There is no pain and the only thing that happened was a child I was doing day care for head butted me there. It brought tears to my eyes, but no more pain after 5 minutes. The enlarged clavicle was noticed 3 days later. An x-ray showed no fracture. I had a CT scan done and they say it is degenerative bone disease. I can't seem to find anything online that has informaton on degenerative bone disease on the clavical. I am 54 years old. Any comments?

  35. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    Thoughts would not help you, a meeting with physician would.

    Please get in touch with a doctor and get diagnosed.

    There could be more than one reasons for these symptoms and it is better to deal the situation in proper way.

  36. Mackenzie says

    While working, I was helping restrain the arms of a very large combative patient ( he was hypoxic so was not his fault ) anyway my arms were extended, head turned, I felt what most people would describe as a " Charlie horse" in the right side of my neck. I dud not let go then felt a " pop " somewhere" had so much discomfort, I could not tell where it was coming from. After his airway was secure I stepped out, my right arm was very shaky and I had " pressure" which continued to worsen in right collar bone. Collar bone was swollen but decided to go home try ice, motrin. When I layed down pain was severe radiating to right scapula so went to Er. They x-ray shoulder, I followed up with ortho who x Ray clavicle all were negative, just swelling. My right arm is still very " heavy " I can not fall asleep without ice on shoulder because pain is so bad. Went to PT for first time last week and they rid stim. Did not want to do anything else because of the swelling. Now my right thumb feels numb ( not totally ) and my hand always feels cold to me, yet my husband says it is same as other? I take NSAID daily it has been over 2 weeks, just getting worried, only diagnosis is strains, sc, neck, shoulder and ? Brachial plexus.

  37. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    After ER, did you go to a specialist?

    A pain not being relieved by two weeks is a concern and should be investigated.

    Yes! There are possibilities and you should get yourself diagnosed.

  38. MIke says

    i was playing footbal and a person landed on top of my inner shoulder. i first felt pain on the top, outside part of my left pectoral muscle. now I have pain on left inner tip of my collar bone and the left side of my neck, no further than the bottom of my throut. the pain is on the left side of my neck down to the inside tip of the collar bone… i am able to move my left arm in many ways but i sometimes feel a little pain. i am not able to reach out for objets without feeling some pain. what can it be, and how long will the pin last

  39. KAMALAN says















  40. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    Please avoid writing in all capital letters.

    You have provided information in breaks and I am not able to take out much info.

    You would need to describe her condition in detail. Never mind the space.

    And sequence of events.

    And what is the reason for clavicle removal. Your doctor must have discussed the reason with you.

    They must have found something presence of which may lead to further complications in your child, therefore contemplating removal.

    I cannot digest that everything is normal and clavicle removal is being considered.

    Please talk to your doctor. He is the best person to provide every info you need.

    If you are dissatisfied, consider another opinion.

    Let me know.

  41. Paul says

    My wife has stomach pains after she eats. They are sebere for a couple of hours unril the food is digested. She also has gas pains after that, Could you refer me to some website where I might find some suggestions on her problem,


    Paul Westhaus

  42. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    I think she needs a physician rather than a website. You should take her to a doctor.

  43. Sara says

    One night ago I had woken up with severe chest pain in my manubrium area. It felt like I was punched sereval times and my chest was locked up. I took 3 ibproins and went back to sleep. It was enough to scare me. However I didn't go to the doctor the next day. My upper chest is sore to touch. its a bit puffy on the manubrium area. At night I'll feel as I need to take some more pain killer. My chest feels a bit hot and leaves finger prints when you touch it.

    I'm worried it could be more, or happen again. but also think it could just be the way I slept. I appreicate your answers.

  44. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    My best advice for you is to see a doctor, get diagnosed and treated.

  45. Wayne says

    Hi. My left collar bone has been popping and cracking when I move certain ways. No pain. I have had two sets of chest xrays the past two weeks by 2 different doctors. All looks good. I've been having joint pain in elbows right knee and ankles also. Is this all related?? All my blood work has been good also. 28/male

  46. Bob says

    Hope someone can help me.

    I have been working out the last few months. Have had mild shoulder pain on and off, but between the days when I am lifting it goes away. At the most I have real mild pain when I am bench pressing, but nothing else.

    Worked out chest yesterday with no problems, woke up this morning with no problems.

    However a couple hours after waking up I lifted something 10-15 lbs and notice a strong pain in my left collar bone. When I look at my left collar bone it is inflammed quite a bit. It is almost alarming how much larger it is then the right collar bone.

    Is this most likely a soft tissue injury? Should I treat with aleve and ice or heat?

  47. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    Right now it is a far fetched thought to make them related. Just watch it without giving mush importance. If it persists and joint pains persist, get evaluated again.

  48. Wayne says

    Thanks! I do have bad anxiety and grade 1 spondylothesis in lumbar region and other problems in the t8 and t9 area herniated discs. Just always seem to have that hip joint and leg pain. Thanks again!

  49. Bob says

    Saw my family doctor, he thought it was a stress fracture and took an xray. The xray came back negative. He also told me he had never seen anything like that before.

    Next I went to an orthopedic, he looked and poked at it and he also said he had never seen anything like that before. He said that without me even telling him my family doctor said it.

    He said if it doesnt go down in a couple weeks, the next step is an MRI. He said typically collar bone injuries are on the side near the shoulder, while mine is closer to the middle of my chest. He told me I can work out as long as it does not give me pain.

  50. Shelly says

    Hello there;

    I am 50 years old and I am in fairly good health.

    I have recently noticed a very hard lump growing on my right clavicle near the shoulder….I have only just noticed it in the past few days and it is about the size of a large flattened grape….I do not feel any pain….it seems to be growing right on the bone?I have checked my left side and there is nothing like it there. I do not want to be a hypochondriac and would like to research this prior to seeing a doctor. Could this be a bone spur or calcium growth? Why would something like this show up all of a sudden?

    Your help in this is greatly appreciated.


  51. Brian Smith says

    Dr. Arun Pal Singh

    One month ago today I went golfing for the first time in a few years, 18 holes followed by driving range. I have not had much exercise in the last few months and am pretty out of shape. The next day I did a workout with a kettlebell where you squat, then swing your arm with the kettlebell forward, parallel to the floor as you raise up. I did 4 sets on each side with a 20lb kettlebell. Immediately afterward I lay on the floor to stretch my lower back, then decided to do some easy push-ups from my knees. I did about 4 pushups when I heard a "pop" in the area of my right collarbone. It hurt a little bit and so I stopped.

    The next day I was in a lot of pain, and the degree of pain didn't begin to subside for over a week. I had a very difficult time determining the exact source of the pain. I was definitely sensitive where my pectoral muscles connect to my upper sternum, near my collarbone on the right side. There was other pain as well, but it seemed to be originating from beneath my collarbone where I couldn't reach with my fingers. There was a feeling of painful "pressure" in the area all around my collarbone which seemed to be the main source of the pain.

    I assumed that I had pulled or strained a muscle, but was surprised the pain has lasted so long. There is still pain and a feeling of pressure there. Though some days are worse than others, it is definitely not as bad as it was.

    Over the last couple of weeks I have noticed a "popping" around my right collarbone when I reach for something with my right arm, particularly if I am reaching across my body. This has been painful, but not always, and I have noticed that my collarbone has become sensitive to the touch near my shoulder as well. Today I decided to do a search under "collarbone popping" and have found some interesting information. I didn't realize that you could "dislocate" your collarbone. Had I, I would have suspected this right away, as I think my general feeling was that something was "out of place", and I think it would explain why such a degree of pain persisted for so long, and why I am still feeling the same kind of pain (albeit to a lesser degree) today.

    I would have seen my doctor right away, but am only a few weeks away from starting a new insurance plan. I figure that he will have me undergo several tests, but if I can wait to apply the cost of those tests to my next plan's deductible I think I should. The new plan starts July 1st.

    Do you think this sounds like a dislocated collarbone? Am I putting myself at much risk by waiting to see my doctor on this matter? What sort of treatment could you recommend for me in the meantime?

    Providing you so much info so you have a complete picture. Thank you so much!!

  52. Brian Smith says

    I should also point out that I have done NO upper body exercise since this happened, due to the pain or concern that I would make the situation worse. I am planning on starting to swim laps soon, though, if that doesn't seem to have a negative effect. In addition, I have continued to sleep a lot on my right side, even though this probably has not helped.

  53. Eric Volemi says

    Am a fitness consultant as well as a pilates instructor. I handle mostly senior clients/ elderly. My career is so challenging at times because of the age group of my clients. Human anatomy especially muscular and skeletal systems have been of so much help. Currently am handling a client with a cervical spine condition. There are osteophytes seen at C5-C7, anteriorly. Posterior osteophyte is seen at C5/C6. The C6/C7 disc space is reduced.

    Any help and suggestions.


  54. PJ says

    I've been suffering from herniated discs, C5 & C6. This was a long term problem and complicated by the fact that I was having severeradiating pain in my right arm and hand. Two and a half years ago I started experiencing severe nausea and severe pain in my right shoulder and arm. To make a long story short, I went to one specialist after another and while they were able to treat my discs with steroids I'm left with I can only assume is a dislocated right clavicle. I discovered it myself one day because of some pain where the clavicle joins my sternum. No one else found it and whenever I have mentioned it no one will acknowledge it as a problem. Now the discs are in good shape but I have severe pain where the clavicle joins my shoulder and at those times the sternum end of the bone is more prominent. At one point I did go to a shoulder specialist and they said I didn't have a problem. I'm lost. I simply don't know what to do, I'm sleep deprived, I can't tolerate Neurontin and I just started on a muscle relaxant but the effect is spotty. What's my next step? I'm very concerned that this has become a permanent problem and that frightens me.

  55. Asif Salman says

    hello Dr,

    hope u r fine,

    On april 20 of this year, i met with a bike accident and broken the left clavicle bone from 2 places,from joint and middle. waited for one months to get heal naturally as suggested by my doctor. But after 1 month i do my x-ray again and found no major healing of bone.still i feel some pain and wearing arm sling. plz advise me whether i have to go for surgery or not, i can see elevated terminal end on my shoulder .How long will take to recover myself so that i can be normal?

    waiting for your kind advise.

    your sincerely

    Asif Salman

  56. Dalton says

    Hello Dr Arun Pal Singh,

    I began working out starting December 2010, and began to notice my right clavicle sticks out a bit more then normal it seems. It causes some discomfort at times but other then that no pain. Seems as if, when i push down on collarbone on the outer end connected to my acromion is free moving. Pops at times as well. Acromion sticks out some what as well.It Sticks out most when rotating my shoulder forward. I am a slender teenage male. Would it be save to continue to workout? Please help.

  57. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    There is no reason that you should not see a doctor. A lump is a cause of concern and you must consult your doctor.

    Once you have an idea about what it could be researching becomes easier.

    If it is showing suddenly, it is even a thing of greater concern.

    Please see a doctor.

  58. Aru says

    I am in 5th week of calvical fracture my bones have not joined still i am feeling like a small shift in both bones please help me

  59. Trazey says

    Just curious about something! One side of my clavicle is higher than the other, on the inner side. Feeling the bones one each side below my throat, one side (the right side) is much higher than the other. I've never broken or injured it. Should I be worried, or is it just 'one of those things'?


  60. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    A lump at any side at this age should be dealt with concern and there is no reason to think otherwise.

    I suggest that you see a doctor.

  61. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Brian Smith,

    With given constraints and lack of personal examination, I am not going to make a diagnosis for you.

    But that is a dislocation or subluxation is possibility. Ligament tear is another one which might have made your joint unstable.

    But if it is out, it should go in. Sooner the better.

    I think you should see a doctor.

  62. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Eric Volemi,

    Are you asking for the treatment or precautions in a particular case?

  63. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    If the pain is persisting and you are not being helped, you can opt to see another specialist.

    I am sorry but at this point, you can only be helped by a doctor who sees you in person.

  64. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Asif Salman,

    Most of clavicle fractures unite well. Most of those which do not unite do not cause any major problem.

    For those who are left with a nonunion that hampers with their routine, surgery is a good option.

    I have written this to help you make better choice for yourself.

    All the best.

  65. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    In my view you should seek a consultation first rather than going on with your workout.

    It could be normal in lax individuals but needs to be seen out.

  66. Lukaea says

    I have been having this dull aching pain underneath my clavicle and only hurts while breathing and if I lay down the wrong way. If I hold my right arm up vertical up and down I get relief. If I put pressure on the area where it hurts and breathe I can tolerate it. This started about 2003. I went to the doctor and they ended up removing my gallbladder (sept 2004) . It went away for a year then came back.(2005) Then I decided to lose weight. I lost 50 pounds total and I was feeling good and it recent came back as of 6/8/2011 and it has been constant for the pass 5 days. I have no insurance now. Everytime I go to ER they say its nothing. It seems like somethng is flaring up (swoolen) inside of me then goes away. I dont kow if I'm eating something that's causing it but I want it gone. It happens whether I have an empty stomach or not. Of course if my stomach is empty and I'm hurting, if I eat the pain gets worse so I don't eat or eat a little something just to get me by. I have been working out but I have been doing that for a while and that is not the issue. I just don't know what to do or if it is referred pain and really soemthing else somewhere else is going on. Please help me.

  67. Danielle says

    my seven year old daughter doesn't seem to have a collar bone none of her doctors have ever mentioned this to me before and im a little concerned. Have you ever heard of anything like this before. What should I do?

  68. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    Looks like referred pain from your description and can originate in many regions adjoining to clavicle. But you need to see a doctor to diagnose it and treat it.

    Please see a specialist if ER is not able to help you.

  69. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    If it is not symptomatic I do not think there is much cause to worry. You can get it examined when you get your general health check up next time.

  70. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    Is it completely absent or partial? Is xray available for a look.

  71. Danielle says

    it is completely absent, i can feel soft nubs where it is supposed to start at the sternum, i've been doing some research and she seems to have cleidocranial dysostosis, she had an enlarged fontanel at birth (almost the top of her whole head) and she has pretty much every other sign of this, i have been overwhelmed with some of the information, and horrified that she is seven years old and seen a number of doctors and no one has ever said anything about any of this to me. At birth they tested her several times for some kind of thyroid problem or something because of her head but nothing else was ever said besides the test was negative and sometimes those things happen. I plan on setting up some appt. for her. I am both horrified and releived to finally have some answers. Is there any specifics u could tell me about this condition, and will my daughter ever live a "normal life". thank you

  72. jacobsmom1 says

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this question so I apologize in advance. I have had pain under right scapula for several years, within last two it has become Unbearable to the point of interfering with my day to day routine. I saw a specialist, who sent me to physical therapy who issued me a posture support brace. I have scoliosis and kyphosis. An MRI recently showed that I have anterior osteo phytic bone spurring and a syrinx from T7 to T10. None of these seems to concern my doctor and physical therapy did not help. Now I am being sent to a scapula specialist because my scapula does sit a bit awkwardly. I am really becoming frustrated. Pain meds help, but are not logical for long term and while I have had kenalog injections before, they don’t help for very long. I thought of asking for a mitochondrial disorder blood test to see if that may be the cause for the persistent muscle knots under the scapula. What are your suggestions?

  73. Theresa Kopajtic says


    This past week I noticed that my right collar bone end near the throat is larger than the left side. It noticeably sticks out. There is no pain, redness or swelling. It just seems like the bone grew.

    What sort of symptoms would indicate a medical test is needed?

    I am approaching menopause and although this is not typical there are changes in my body.

    I'm fine with a wait and see approach as I don't want unnecessary medical tests, but also don't want to ignore an obvious problem.

  74. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    There is a spectrum of disease and depending on what your daughter has, you should ask your doctor the relevant questions.

    First of of all you need to confirm if she has what you seem to think she has.

    Then you can better understand the limitations she might have and cautions you need to take.

    Let me know when you are through with the appointment.

  75. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Theresa Kopajtic,

    If it is just sticking out, it could be watched. If, however, there is a swelling or there is aprogress of protrusion, it should be examined.

  76. jacobsmom1 says

    Dr. Arun Pal Singh

    In response to your question of what diagnosis has been made, the doctors I have seen haven't given me a definitive diagnosis. The scapula specialist, Dr. Ben Kibler said my shoulder blade is being pulled awkwardly due to muscle tension in my chest muscle and not enough tension in the back. I've been prescribed physical therapy again but specificly for the scapula. As of right now, I feel like I have no control performing some of these exercises where I am to "pull my shoulder blades back and down", I don't know if I'm doing it or not. I feel as though there has to be more to all this pain other than muscle tension.

  77. Gerard Rinaldi says

    I am 6 weeks post open left clavicle excision from chronic AC joint arthropathy. My problem is I still have a lot of pain, swelling and soft tissue inflammation. I was told to ice and go to PT which I did ince the surgery. Now I'm told to use heat by my physician and my swelling is worse now than it has ever been. Is this normal???? Did I have surgery for nothing??? My PT has been stopped. Which is it? Stop the swelling or encourage it? And if it doesn't resolve he is talking about more cortisone injections in 6 weeks. Can anyone add insight?

  78. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    I would not suggest you anything in regards to diagnosis as it would confuse the matters further for you.

    Please feel free to ask about info ona particular disease.


  79. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Gerard Rinaldi,

    What is the cause of swelling? How bad is the pain?

  80. Gerard Rinaldi says

    Dr Singh. Thanks for responding. The pain is worse than it ever was. I'm taking Vicodon to help the pain along with NSAIDS. My surgery was 5/19/11. Yesterday it was very swollen. Mostly in the space created from removing the end of the clavicle. That is not where I feel the most pain though. I feel it posterior to the incision site. Something is rubbing back there with every movement of my arm. Like crepitus when you feel it. I'm not a doctor but it feels like the posterior edge of my clavicle is scraping across tendons and muscle with every movement causing chronic inflammation. Today the swelling is down and it is sore but bearable. I'm a nurse and I pushed a patient in her bed yesterday and that agitated my shoulder. I work in a cath lab and we were swamped yesterday so I had to be more physical with my shoulder. I'm still on restrictions but it is almost impossible not to use my left arm. Will this get better when the scarring is completed? What if the distal end of my clavicle is the problem? Will I need surgery again to round the edges. I saw the post X-ray and it is a very clean and smooth excision. My pre MRI showed alot arthropathy and encroachment into the rotator cuff area. Should I have been scoped. Could my doctor have missed some tears or more arthritis? The MRI report did say I had a subtle tear of my anterior superior labrum. Can that be visualised with an open excision. All I know is I have to get this shoulder more functional. My job depends on it and I am left handed.

  81. Aru says

    I have passed 12 weeks of calvical fracture. When can i start riding my bike to go to office?

  82. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Gerard Rinaldi,

    There are lot of factors that could cause pain after this surgery, though it is very effective in most of patients.

    As you are from medical field, I urge you to go through this article.

    Then please discuss with your treating doctor. Let me know if you have any query about anything.

  83. Gerard Rinaldi says

    Thanks for your response Dr. Singh. Great article. I still have a lot of pain almost three months post op and will see my doctor 8/16/11. I'm almost certain I will be getting the cortisone shot. I have a lot of grinding going on in my shoulder when I move my arm. I feel most of it at the superior posterior part of what's left of my distal clavicle. I also feel pain in the subacromial space. I guess I'll just have to see what my doctor thinks. I have one other question. Is a subacromial decrompression done with open distal clavicle resection? I've seen videos on how there can be a lot of thick inflammatory tissue there. Thanks again for yor responses.

  84. michelle says

    Two years ago I was lifting something and I heard a pop in my shoulder. A week later I started feeling pain. I went to the dr and was referred to an ortho. The only thing they could find was a bicep strain. I started physical therapy and during that time my collar bone became swollen. I was given a mild anti inflamatory and referred to another dr that said I had a pectoral tear and need to just give it time. The problem is my collar is still swollen and the pain radiates over to my shoulder and up my neck and down the back by my shoulder blade. Every time I do something at work or even try to sleep I am in pain. Do I go back to these drs again and have it ignored or start over.

  85. Gerard Rinaldi says

    Dr. Singh. I saw my physician 8/16/11. He diagnosed joint capsule inflammation and gave me more steroids. So far the pain is better but the rubbing and grinding is still there. He recommends more surgery to remove the lining of the joint cpasule if it persists. He also said I could end up with shoulder instability if he does this. I think I have that now. He removed 1cm of my clavice but the top back end of my clavicle still scrapes soft tissue with every movement of my arm. Even feel pain up my neck if I move my arm the wrong way. So it is clear that it is affecting my muscle as well. I'm going to give it a good solid three more months and see if this doesn't resolve. I'm not keen on having more surgery that could make it even worse.

  86. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Gerard Rinaldi,

    Yes! It is a procedure but whether it should be done would vary frm case to case.

  87. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    You need to have a solution for your problem if medical science has it.

    If you think that previous two doctors are not helpful, a third opinion would be a good option.

  88. Dave says

    Since 2008 my right clavicle was a little bit bigger than my left clavicle i have been having a sevier pains and clicks and stiffness and pains and tightness and discomfort in my right hand shoulder and clavicle and a swollen movement from that clavicle to my neck and throat tightness and discomfort as if mucuos is fulled in their, i went for xray but the doctor couldn't see anything till now after a stressful labour with that my right hand, my right scapula pop outter than the left one and that my little swollen right clavicle also shoot more outter than the other makes me look abnormal please i am in serious pains and feeling this swoll up in my right collar bone and should how can it be diagnose since xray shows nothing please help me out what should i do what could be the cause of this problems help me tanx

  89. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    With so much pain and discomfort that you are living with my only sincere advise to you is to see a specialist.

    I wish I could but I would not be able to help from distance. All the best.

  90. Gerard Rinaldi says

    Dr Singh,

    Just wanted to update you on my left shoulder. As you know I have sought your advise in the past. I had an open left distal clavicle excision six months ago. Last week I went to my doctor because I had swelling and more pain. He diagnosed me with a ganglian cyst. He drained the cyst and injected more steroids. Today my pain was worse then it ever has been in the 5-6 years i've had this nagging problem. I am seeking a second opinion because my doctor wants to do more surgery and remove my joint capsule lining if the swelling comes back. Well today the joint capsule is filled with fluid again. Nine days later and with absolutely no pain relief from the steroid. I have a question. Can a prosthetic distal clavicle connected into what is left of my clavicle? I am almost certain that my posterior clavicle is just tearing through tissue with every movement of my arm causing chronic and constant inflammetion. I feel pain all the way up my neck. It grinds and crunches with every movement. What questions should I ask the new orthopedists? Is a prosthetic clavicle reasonable? My primary also wants another MRI and is finding me the second opinion. This shoulder is wrecking my life.

  91. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Gerard Rinaldi,

    I am sorry to hear that. I do not think there is prosthesis for clavicle.

    The idea now is to look for what is causing the pain and what structure is being insulted.

    A good clinical examination supported by MRI would be able to tell us that.

    Are you using Arm Pouch sling or something similar.

    A sling would take the weight off your limb and you would get temporary pain relief.

  92. Gerard Rinaldi says

    Dr Singh. My MRI showed supraspinatus tendinosis and tendinopathy. My AC joint has more arthropathy. And I have a ganglion cyst in the joint that measures 2.1 x 0.8 cm. I am having it drained again monday by a radiologist using ultrsaound. I already made my mind up. I'm having arthroscopis surgery by someone period. My current Dr. does not want to do anything if he can avoid it. He is talking about potential open incision and adding cadavre ligaments to stabilize the acromion and clavicle. I want the bursitis removed under arthroscopy. My bursa sac is bulging out as well. He never did a subacromial decompression and all that thick inflammatory tissue remains and is pushing on everything. The source of my pain. The ganglion cyst is a direct result of this and not the solution. And more bone spurs scraping the hell out of the inside of my joint capsule top, bottom and posteriorly. My prblem is chronic inflammation caused by???? He missed something doing a 25 minute open excision. My wife said he was out in liteally 25 minutes. That's enough time to make an incision, saw off the clavicle and leave the closure to residents.

  93. Charles Martin says

    Quite possibly the most rediculous clavicle situation ever? Please help!!!

    Hi, I am writing to see if there is any help out there for what I have been going thru. To sum it up, I had a clavicle resection on my left shoulder in 1995. It took a while but I finally got to the point where i could work out and live my life. There would be occasional pain, particularly if I slept on it, but it was fine otherwise. about 15 years later I began to have more and more pain and I decided to see a doctor to see if anything could be done, as I was about to turn 40. The doc told me there was probably scar tissue and it just needed to be cleaned up. In surgery, instead, he resected my clavicle again!!! This was never discussed or even suggested by him. I should add that I did have an MRI before surgery (surgery was March 2010). The MRI showed a small partial tear, but he told me it was not the source of my pain and suggested I leave it for him to decide in surgery it the tear was worth repairing since in surgery he can see it better. Again, instead, despite noting, "extensive tearing" in his own op report, he took out another 1cm (on top of the 1.5 cm that was removed in 1995). He then prescribed me to physical therapy which, along with my new instability, tore the rest of my shoulder. I finally got away from him and saw a few other docs…All agreed that the shoulder was now unstable and the tear was now severe and in one docs words "hanging on by a thread". I had rotator cuff surgery in Jan 2011. The new surgeon told me after surgery that he could confirm that too much bone was removed and I would need another surgery ASAP. This would be the third in a year if you're counting….I had an ac joint stabilization surgery with allograft. a few months later. The doc attached my clavicle to the coracoid process with donor tissue from a cadaver. Just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, 6 weeks later as I was sleeping I was awakened with a "pop". I didn't know it then, but the coracoid had broken right in half! Curiously, the graft seemed to hold place, except for the area where the hole was drilled was now chipped and very movable, it just didn't rise as high as before. I went into surgery immediately, and they fixed a large screw in the coracoid. Now I still have major pain and instability in the clavicle, and now they tell me, the coracoid did not heal and they will need to operate again to take out the screw and affix the tendons on the end of the coracoid to what's left of the base of the bone, while discarding the previously fractured bone. What started out as a small tear and some inflammation from years of weightlifting has now rendered me disabled and a complete wreck. Naturally, I don't want to jump into any surgery again until I am absolutely sure this is it! The problem I am having now is, I do not have any bone density problems, I am wondering why the coracoid broke? Also, if there is a screw holding it together, will removing it leave it compromised as they intend to place the pectoral, bicep, and ac tendon all on this nub of a bone with a hole in it! Also, the clavicle is still highly painful and I can press on it and it moves around with ease. Also, what's left of the graft is also being supported by the base of the coracoid, which will lose the outer bone and have a hole in it where the screw was. They did a few follow up MRI's and it does confirm an incomplete union, as well as pain from the hardware pressing on surrounding tissue. This has absolutely been a nightmare…surgery after surgery, each one making it worse, and more painful, and now I have new broken bones. Yes I am seeking action against the surgeon that caused this. I do not believe in lawsuits, but I have paid an enormous amount out of pocket for these surgeries, not too mention I spent more time in 2011 in a sling than out. This has ruined my business. Not only the disability, but the pain and mental anguish of it all has made me often wonder how I did not kill myself already…I am just hoping to God that someone out there has some kind of an answer. I know this is a complicated situation, rarely, if ever seen, but there has to be a way to get this fixed. As of now I am on so many meds and waiting for the coracoid surgery they suggested, but again, the clavicle is still a problem, and they seem to think it is ok. If I have to have surgery AGAIN (that will be the 6th one total!!!) all for a problem that was caused by….SURGERY! I have never had an accident or injury, just pain from years of exercise.

  94. Charles Martin says

    fyi, I have read of prosthetic clavicle devices in rare occasions, they do exist, but I am having a hard time finding someone that knows how to do them.

  95. Charles Martin says

    One last thing….(sorry to drag this out). I am having alot of pain in the other (right) shoulder now as I use it to over compensate for everything, since my left shoulder is in so much pain. They see a tear in the MRI and a bone spur on my elbow they want to operate on, if and when I ever get the left side fixed, but of course now I don't want anyone messing with anything else, but I may have no choice :( (right side is pretty painful). I just want to not feel like I wanna die everyday…Help!

  96. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Gerard Rinaldi,

    I am sorry for the delay in replying. Got extremely busy.

    How are you now? has decompression brought any relief.

    Did you take a second opinion as you mentioned before.
    Instability per se can lead to chronic inflammation but the cause needs to be determined befoer we take any further step.

    All the best.

  97. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Charles Martin,

    If the screw impingement is causing a problem, it should be removed.

    When a hole is created in bone, that part gets weakned. An unusual stress on that part might result in fracture.

    The coracoid in your case has probably broken because of that.

    Your concern is rightly placed. When screw is removed, the bone would be rendered weak.

    An answer to such situations is immobilizing the limb in neutral position.

    You have put your facts well and things do point towards need for surgery and postoperative immobilization.

    Please feel free to ask. Within limitation of this interface, I would try to answer every bit.

    I can only answer specific questions. Because I cannot evaluate you physically, I am not a candidate for commenting on the plan of treatment you should follow.

    If you feel doubtful, seek another opinion before you decide for surgery.

    And most important! Please do not loose hope and bear negative thoughts.

    What you are going through is painful but you need to keep yourself steady.

    Let me know.

  98. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Charles Martin,

    First clavicle implant was done in 2003. The concept is thus very recent and needs long term studies to be published in literature to lay out the standards.

    So they are not a standard practice yet.

  99. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Charles Martin,

    Treat your right shoulder with rest and medication. Concentrate on your left shoulder for now.

    MRI is a very sensitive investigation and not all tears need surgery. Local heat, massage and rest should help.

    You need to evaluate if you need surgery for your right shoulder, not MRI finding.

  100. Gerard Rinaldi says

    Dr. Singh. My primary found a second opinion and I gave him to much info. He refused to see me stating he doesn't do second opinions. I got my shoulder drained from the radiologist and he avoided my questions saying I need to ask my Dr. My pain is still constant and worse at night when I sleep. I'm back to NSAIDS and Vicodan until I decide what to do. Researching alternative medicines like prolotherapy and LED. I will either find a Dr. who will see me or just ask my current Dr. to scope me.

  101. Teair Mullins says

    Today when I looked over at my 14 year old daughter, I noticed that her left clavicle was sticking out much farther than her right. When I felt it, I didn't feel anything that felt like a lump….it just felt like the bone. It is very noticeable but she says that she didn't notice it and that she doesn't feel any pain. Should I be worried? Any idea's of what could be going on?

  102. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Teair Mullins,

    It is always better to see a doctor if there is a concern. I would not be able to help you from a distance on the point whether there is something of concern or not.

    An examination by a doctor whom you visit in person would reveal that easily. I suggest you to see a doctor please so that your doubts can be addressed.

    All the best.

  103. Bob Endrai says

    Really need advice here.

    I find myself in a really particular situation regarding my collarbone pain.

    First started last year, around April. I had a little clicking in my shoulder region during certain lifts like a bench pressing, however nothing too crazy, just a little discomfort at most. The only limiting action I had with my collar bone was when I would lean back on and incline bench and attempt to do a dumbbell press with my left arm. Once my bicep was inline with my collarbone, I was not able to push it upward without a ton of effort. Really odd.

    Saw a doctor in May, he said "I have never seen that before." His guess was a fracture of my left collarbone, however he said most fractures occur distal on the collarbone, while mine was more medial. I got the X-ray taken, and it came back negative for any fracture.

    I then saw an Orthopedic. He once again said "I have never seen that before." He did not offer any guess as to what my condition was, and said the next step would be to see if it went away, avoid anything that caused discomfort, and if it doesnt improve an MRI would be in order.

    I stopped working out and started a different job that consumed my time. I did not notice any discomfort from that point on, and it seemed like the swelling subsided for the most part, although my left collarbone still protruded a little more than the right.

    Also, I went to the emergency room for an unrelated issue. While I was there, I asked the doctor about my collarbone. He replied with he didnt see an issue, its just the way I was created, and my posture is not ideal.

    Now I have began working out again as of December. I still have mild discomfort, but only when I do pushing exercises for my chest workouts. I decided to get an MRI, as I am sick of this being an issue.

    My MRI came back completely normal according to my doctor. He said it was just the way it formed. This baffles my mother and I, as we both know my collarbone has not always been larger than the other.

    So now I have no clue where to go. I have seen 3 different doctors. They have all felt the collarbone and examined it. X-Ray came back normal. MRI came back normal.

    I would really appreciate any medical advice. It only causes comfort during certain workouts, and I can live with that. However, I do not want this to turn into a chronic or more serious issue.

    Do MRI's show everything when it comes to what kind of problem it could be? I also thought MRI's were extremely in depth, and if there was a diagnosis, an MRI could easily find it. If I had a sternioclavical dislocation, it should be easy to detect and definitely show up on an MRI right?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I am starting to think maybe there is nothing wrong, but I have a muscle imbalance in my deltoids or rhomboids or something that is putting too much weight and pressure on my collarbone while working out.

  104. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Bob Endrai,

    MRI is quite sensitive to miss any pathology in the tissues, so do not worry on that aspect.

    Your problem arises when you load your shoulder girdle and there must be some kind of instabiilty that is manifested when you lift the weight.

    I am just speculating here and I think most prudent approach is to prevent the loading. Keep a watch over your conditiona dn take an advice if it worsens further.

    All the best.

  105. susan says

    Dr. Singh, I had two right scm releases for severe torticollis that didn't respond to anything else,after the second release I immedialtely have had severe right clavicle,pectoral,shoulder problems,pt failed I'm at aloss.

  106. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    How old are you. Would you please elaborate about your condition and treatment taken so far.

  107. says

    I am a breast cancer survivor. Lumpectomy 1.3 cm. Invasive, stage 1. (spring 2010)
    Followed by 33 rounds of radiation.
    A month ago, I noticed swelling on the right side collarbone. I visited my Oncologist and he ordered CT and Bone Scans, full body. They returned negative. He said that it was some sort of inflammation and sent me home with celebrex to return in 3 months. Meanwhile, the problematic collarbone has become more prominent pushing upward. Slight pain. I am scheduled to see my family doctor Tuesday to get more information about “some sort of inflammation”. I did continue to carry a lot of weight on that side after the surgery. I carry lots of books and a laptop home daily. It is also the side that I sleep on.

  108. Corina says

    Hiya, I broke my collarbone in two places last year. One fracture was stable and located in the middle of my left clavicle, the other was unstable and basically snapped off the distal end. This was left to heal, which it did so, to the rear of my collarbone. The ortho decided that the best way to deal with this, three months later, was a distal clavicle excision. What I would like to know, is how much should be taken off with a dce, and what are the possible complications if over 1 inch is removed?


  109. Stephanie says

    October 2001 a male teacher grabbed my wrists and pull both arms above my head. He is considerably taller than me. He did this with great force causing WBA jest looked like a sub laxation of the sternoclacivular joint except chronic pain inner arm at elbow and a tingling of the fingers. First CT scan showed little as did MRI pain has been unbearable as I am left handed and a school teacher I had an MRI with contrast and was as back with 4 hours for a dooplar which showed no steal but they did find a lesion of the subclavanian artery causing on occlusion I then had an iodine CT which the radiographer thought needed a stent. Meanwhile I can write on the board I wake 6 or 7 times a night with a numb had and blue fingers. When I walk for exercise my fingers feel so fat and swollen I think thru are going to split.I am currently waiting for my surgeon to get clearance to work at the hospital then only cardiovascular surgeon who agrees with the plan. Hid plan from what I eardrum was to react the medial end of the clavicle thus taking press off the brachial plexus nerve and relieve the pressure on the subclavanian artery. I just want the pain to stop the tablets to stop I hardly take a panadol and now I am on antidepressants antisycotic tramal 250 mg a day it's driving me crazy I have to physically stop and tape each finger to Mack they are still there I I can not feel them move unless I tap them. Then at night I have to reposition myself continuously so I don't fall asleep on that arm

  110. Dr Arun Pal Singh says

    @Lydia White,

    Too little info to comment on. Has a diagnosis been made?

  111. Dr Arun Pal Singh says


    I think this falls into specialty other than orthopedics.

    How are things now?

  112. Corina says

    I am in a reasonable amount of pain everyday. I am only able to do light tasks, and have had to quit my job recently due to pain and activity limitations. My surgery was just over a year ago. My shoulder blades sit at different heights and you cannot put pressure on the shoulder area. I cannot hang washing. I have had to cut my hair short due to pain while washing it. My range of movement is quite good, but i cannot over exert the shoulder.

  113. CT says

    I’m not sure if you’re still answering questions on here or not but I’ll give it a try. About 4 years ago i first encountered pain behind my left clavicle bone while in locust pose in a yoga class. My clavicle bones had moved forward and when I came out of the pose instead of the left sliding back into place it popped loudly, created a sharp pain and then went back in. Since then, I have experienced this popping numerous times doing things like lifting a heavy object, lifting my arms when trying to bump a ball in volleyball, sweeping the floor, trying to hoist myself up on a tall ledge. Each time the popping behind the clavicle home close to the center of my body but it’s definitely behind the clavicle and not the sternum (I’ve felt that pop before and it’s very different). I’ve found some relief in doing some body work to get my shoulders and ribs to move more with my reach so it happens less but it still happens. Any ideas? And thank you.

  114. Arun Pal Singh says


    What you describe seems like recurrent subluxation/dislocation of sternoclavicular joint. It generally occurs in young patients and patients with ligamentous laxity are more prone.

    It occurs with overhead elevation of the arm and usually reduces with lowering the arm.

    You should avoid the positions causing and the treatment needed is local symptomatic treatment.

    I may be entirely wrong as I have not seen you in person. Please do not take it as diagnosis or prescription and consult a doctor in person to get diagnosed and treated.

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